Real Estate Aerial filming

ShanTVision PVT LTD is offering video productions for real estate around the world. I carry a sophisticated drone that offers 4K filming and a camera with stabalised video for excellent video covarage in and outdoor. This together with professional photography equipment for the best pictures.

We offer a few different packages concerning the documenting of your real estate property. These include taking photo’s from the property inside and outside the property, drone shots, drone filming, indoor filming and a full production including actors and a script.


Get some areal shots from the premise and the surroundings
We will make a few pictures from different hights of the building and surrounding from straight above and in a slight angel. Think of images of beaches and parks in the vicinity.


Have professional pictures taken

We make indoor and outdoor images with professional photography equipment. Special for your presentation of your real estate object.


Have a video made of the real estate object

We will produce some aerial video’s of the real estate object and it’s surrounding making a circular motion around the object.


Walk through and around the building

We produce short video material walking through and around the real estate object with a stabilised video camera


Have a complete video presentation

We will make the aerial and indoor video and edit it for direct upload on your youtube cannel. Including sound, title and credits.


Have a complete video presentation with actors

We will produce a video presentation with a hostess walking through the real estate object giving an excellent presentation of the object, narrated in English or Portugese.

Call us or write an email for our prices.

Aerial photography for your SEO
Aerial photography for your SEO

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