SEO or Search Engine Optimisation.

SEO is a necessity for your business. Many webdesigners make beautiful websites. I have seen many. But when the website is ready the client expect the website to appear in Google and customers to start calling for their services. It’s hard to explain to people who just invested a lot of money in the development of their website that the biggest part of the job lays ahead.

SEO Search Engine Optimisation Internet Marketing Holland Netherlands ShanTVision
SEO Search Engine Optimisation Internet Marketing Holland Netherlands ShanTVision

There are many algorithms that search engines use. There is the age of your domain that has an influence on your ranking. But you have to consider many things more. Your text has te be SEO optimised. The right way to use your keywords, how to use headings and links. Then there is the coding of the website.


SEO Holland Page Ranking september 2016SEO Holland Page Ranking september 2016

For this site we have top ranking in Google and Yahoo. You can see the search engine key words and the ranking we have. If you search for ‘SEO’ only you’ll be getting results that are local. We are advertising globally as well as in the Netherlands. That’s why it is important to us we are at the top for two major keywords. ‘SEO’ and one of the following keywords, ‘Holland’ or ‘Nederland’ or ‘Netherlands’. For the Netherlands we use ZMO as well as SEO, so the keywords ‘ZMO’ and ‘Nederland’ are also important for us. The single term ZMO has a lower score.

It is important to realise that our competition consists all out of professional SEO marketing companies.


Google Algorithms

If you are not familiar with these algorithms it is probably frustrating to see you cannot find your website in Google. It is not easy to get on the first results page in any search engine with only a few or even one keyword. All depends on how much your competition invested. The more they had put money and effort in their SEO, the more you have to do. We can help you and we can teach you.


SEO Search Engine Optimisation Zoekmachine optimalisatie Holland Nederland

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